On This Day — Atomic Spies Rosenbergs Executed (June 19 1953)

“It is not within my duty or my power to intervene in this matter.”

Winston Churchill

“If the English want a king, it is their business. If the Russians want communism, it is their business. If the Americans want our form of government, it is our business.”

“This death sentence is not surprising. It had to be.”

Julius Rosenberg

“Now that they are gone, you know, the truth it can be told. They were sacrificial lambs in the market place sold… They were never proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Bob Dylan — Nobel Prize 2016

A lithograph of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg made and signed by Pablo Piccaso in 1952.

On Friday June 19, 1953 at 8 pm, Julius Rosenberg was strapped into the electric chair and died after the first jolt. Ethel proved a bit harder to kill. Her heart was still beating after three shocks.  Two more needed to be applied to finally end her life. At that point, witnesses saw a puff of smoke escape from her skull. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Remembering Michael Hastings — (January 28 1980 – June 18 2013) [2018]

“The CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

WikiLeaks — Vault 7

Journalist Michael Hastings (January 28, 1980 – June 18, 2013)

WikiLeaks’ revelations that the CIA was attempting to remotely hack vehicles have reignited a conspiracy theory: Did the Agency assassinate journalist Michael Hastings? Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Backflip Shooting — FBI Special Agents vs Russian Spetsnaz

“An FBI spokeswoman would not comment on the incident in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation.”

Associated Press

An off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot a man while performing a backflip in a Denver nightclub. Firing a weapon while performing a backflip requires a bit of training but it can be done as this video of Russian Spetsnaz shows. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Sweden — Man Arrested For Spying On Tibetan Refugees [UPDATE II]

“The arrested man is suspected of having, at the request of another country, illegally gathered information about people in the Tibetan community in Sweden. The information has been passed on to intelligence officers working for a foreign power.”

SAPO Press Release

“This is a very serious crime because spying affects very vulnerable people. Refugees must be able to feel confident that they can freely use their constitutional freedoms, for example to protest against a regime without risking persecution or other abuse.”

“The offence is considered gross because it was systematic, in progress for a long time and may have caused many people serious harm.”

Mats Ljungqvist — Sweden state prosecutor

Nyima Sherlhokangsar: “We are shocked over this news… we have not suspected anything.”

Sweden has arrested a man suspected of spying on Tibetan refugees for an unnamed foreign power. Update I — The man was paid by China to collect private information on his fellow Tibetans. Update II (June 15 2018) —  Dorjee Gyantsan, 49, was handed a 22-month prison term. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Skripal Poisoning : Medics Reveal Fears [Documentary]

“After 20 days in a coma, I woke to the news that we may have been poisoned. I still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that both of us were attacked in a such a way.”

Yulia Skripal — May 23 2018

In a BBC Newsnight documentary, hospital staff who saved the lives of poisoned Russians Sergei and Yulia Skripal reveal they did not expect the victims of the nerve agent attack to survive. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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CIA — Memorial Ceremony 2018

“Today, we held our annual Memorial Ceremony to remember, honor, & celebrate the courageous CIA officers who died in the line of duty for their country.”

CIA Twitter (June 12 2018)

The Memorial Wall is a memorial at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It honors CIA employees who died in the line of service. There are 129 stars carved into the white Alabama marble wall. At least ten represent women.

The CIA’s Memorial Ceremony began in 1987 and is attended each year by hundreds of employees, retirees, and family members of the officers who died serving the CIA. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Lockerbie — The Eyewitness Evidence Against Megrahi by Pr Elizabeth Loftus

“Al-Megrahi was released from prison in 2009 and sent back to Libya on compassionate grounds because of advancing cancer. Public outrage was sparked. Al-Megrahi lived with his cancer for a few years (…) One cannot help but wonder whether the outrage over his release might be tempered if those angry individuals were to seriously examine the suspicious eyewitness testimony that led to Al-Megrahi’s conviction in the first place. My examination has led me to seriously wonder: Is the Lockerbie bomber still out here?”

Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus — Memory (2013)

Elizabeth F. Loftus is a Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology and Professor of Law and Cognitive Science at University of California, Irvine. Her research has demonstrated that people can be led to develop rich false memories for events that never happened.

These false memories look very much like true ones. Indeed, they can be confidently told, detailed, and expressed with emotion.

Today, I post the conclusions of Professor Loftus’ expert opinion on the testimony of the main witness Tony Gauci against Megrahi at the Lockerbie trial.

And I have a very special gift for the readers of Intel Today! Professor Loftus has kindly agreed to answer your questions regarding her understanding of Tony Gauci’s testimony and statements. Please send me your questions (gosint2016@gmail.com) and I will post her answers as soon as possible.  Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Documentary — The Secret History of ISIS

“The threat from Isis is not over. It will take a different shape and I won’t be surprised if we start to see an alliance between Isis and al-Qaida in different areas in the Middle East. Al-Qaida is thinking in long-term strategy. They’re building alliances. Al-Qaida is stronger today than they were before 9/11. They are focusing locally, but even if a small portion of these guys decides to go global again I think we’re going to have a big problem.”

Ali Soufan — Former FBI agent (June 2018)

“The speech supposedly had been prepared in the White House and the NSC. But when we were given what had been prepared, it was totally inadequate, and we couldn’t track anything in it. And when I asked Condi Rice, the national security adviser, ‘Where did this come from?’, it turns out the vice president’s office had written it.”

Colin Powell — Secretary of State (2001-2005)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

In a decade-long campaign to change the course of world history through extreme acts of violence, ISIS has been called the most dangerous terrorist group in history. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY Continue reading

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Former VP of the EU Commission : “US holding EU hostage over Iran”

“We in Europe shouldn’t make the mistake to believe that the presidency of Donald Trump is just a short-living mistake. I’m afraid that Trump is representing America much more than Obama represented America. And we should be aware that this policy will probably continue. I mean, the America First policy.”

“What we can see is that this deal is clearly in jeopardy, and with the deal the whole system of non-proliferation is in jeopardy, not only in the Middle East but everywhere. It might change the whole security pattern of the world, it’s a very serious situation.”

Guenter Verheugen — Former vice-president of the European Commission

A handout photograph from the German government shows a group of leaders at the Group of Seven summit, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump, in Canada on June 9, 2018. Jesco Denzel—EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The American withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is causing a headache for the European guarantors of the Treaty. For instance, the US is threatening German firms that made large investments in Iran. How will Berlin — and the rest of the EU — deal with this threat? Guenter Verheugen — a former vice-president of the European Commission — offers a ‘realpolitik’ assessment of the situation. The former VP believes that the US is holding EU countries hostage over Iran. He also suggests that this hostage policy will be successful. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Brussels Attacks : “Serious Failings Prevented Dismantling of Belgian Terror Network.”

“The Committee observes certain failings in the security architecture, following which we missed the opportunity to dismantle the terrorist network in question on time.”

Belgian Investigative Committee on the 2016 Terrorist Attacks

Malbeek train carriage.jpg

Belgium – June 10 2017 — The Investigative Committee on the Terrorist Attacks noted serious failings in the structure of Belgian security. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY Continue reading

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