Hanns-Joachim Gottlob Scharff — “Without Torture”

“Everyone at the CIA in the post-Sept. 11 era was simply doing what they were asked to do in the aftermath of a crisis.”

General Michael Hayden — former NSA and CIA Director

“The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

The United Nations International Law Commission

Many believe that the Senate intelligence committee should not confirm Gina Haspel as the new CIA director considering that she oversaw the agency’s torture and rendition program, which arguably ranks among some of the bleakest chapters in American history. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden suggests that she was just following orders. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Salisbury attack — Joint statement from the leaders of France, Germany, US and the UK

“I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes. The moral effect should be so good that the loss of life should be reduced to a minimum. It is not necessary to use only the most deadly gasses.”

Winston Churchill

Former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Viktorovich Skripal and his daughter Yulia

The leaders of France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom have issued the following joint statement on the attack which took place in Salisbury, UK. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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One Year Ago — UK: Prime Minister Theresa May appoints Sir Adrian Fulford as Investigatory Powers Commissioner

“I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Lord Justice Fulford as the first Investigatory Powers Commissioner. He brings a wealth of experience in the judiciary and expertise in matters of law which will be crucial to his vital role scrutinising the use of investigatory powers, as part of a world-leading oversight regime.”

Prime Minister Theresa May

Sir Adrian Fulford — UK Investigatory Powers Commissioner

Sir Adrian Fulford will be responsible for overseeing how the UK intelligence agencies operate under the new Investigatory Powers Bill. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo Top 10 Lies — #2 : “In its September 1974 issue, Counterspy publicly identified Richard Welch as the CIA Chief of Station in Athens.” [UPDATE]

“Today, there are still plenty of Philip Agees in the world, and the harm they inflict on U.S. institutions and personnel is just as serious today as it was back then. They don’t all come from the Intelligence Community, share the same background, or use precisely the same tactics as Agee, but they are certainly his soulmates.”

CIA Director Mike Pompeo

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987 (Attributed)

In this semi-serious series running the gamut of dramatic emotions, we shall look into obviously incorrect statements made by the current Director of the CIA. Some of these stories will make you laugh, others will make you upset. We hope that all will make you think.

LIE #2 — On April 13 2017, CIA Director Mike Pompeo  delivered his first public speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

While mainstream media have mostly reported that Pompeo denounced WikiLeaks as a “hostile intelligence agency”, nobody has yet pointed out that Pompeo clearly distorted historical facts to suit his narrative.

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CIA — Gina Haspel Nomination Reopens Old Wounds

“The torture of detainees in U.S. custody during the last decade was one of the darkest chapters in American history. Ms. Haspel needs to explain the nature and extent of her involvement in the CIA’s interrogation program during the confirmation process. I know the Senate will do its job in examining Ms. Haspel’s record as well as her beliefs about torture and her approach to current law.”

US Senator John McCain

“This is going to reopen wounds from a decade and more ago, and also invite more oversight of both our analyses and our activities, especially if Gina is confirmed.”

U.S. Official (Anonymous)

March 13 2018 — Gina Haspel has been named by President Trump to be the next CIA director, replacing Mike Pompeo. Her involvement in operating CIA “black sites” during the Bush administration is controversial. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Is Belgian ISIS Jihadist Oussama Atar the ‘Mastermind’ of the Paris and Brussels attacks?

“Abdelhamid Abaaoud [a Belgian-Moroccan killed by police five days after the November 13 atrocities] was only a go-between, not a senior figure. We know the mastermind [of the Paris Attacks] but I will remain discreet on this point.”

DGSE Director Bernard Bajolet


Belgian ISIS Jihadist Osama Atar aka ‘Abu Ahmad’

March 14 2017 — A Belgian-Moroccan jihadist operating in Syria is believed to have organized the deadly attacks on Paris and Brussels. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Gina Haspel Becomes First Female CIA Director

“I am proud to nominate the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, to be our new Secretary of State. Gina Haspel, the Deputy Director of the CIA, will be nominated to replace Director Pompeo and she will be the CIA’s first-ever female director, a historic milestone.”

US President Donald Trump — March 13 2018

“The new CIA director was a key part of the torture program and its illegal cover-up. Her name was on the Top Secret order demanding the destruction of tapes to prevent them being seen by Congress. Incredible.”

Edward Snowden

Gina Cheri Haspel (born October 1 1956) is an American intelligence officer. She joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1985. In February 2017 she was appointed by President Donald Trump as Deputy Director of the CIA. She is the “first female career CIA officer” to receive that appointment, although she is the second woman, as Avril Haines had been appointed by Barack Obama in 2013. Haspel ran a “black site” CIA prison located in Thailand in 2002.

Gina Haspel has been named by President Trump to be the next CIA director, replacing Mike Pompeo, who will replace Tillerson as Secretary of State. The news should not surprise the readers of Intel Today. Follow us on Twitter Continue reading

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“But it’s worse than that. This training is also bad security policy, since the most dangerous and effective counterintelligence or terrorist threats are unlikely to telegraph their views openly. Those who are on the lookout for outspoken critics of U.S. foreign policy based on this training are likely to miss them entirely.”

Steven Aftergood — Secrecy Expert at the Federation of American Scientists

A new unclassified version (2018) of a computer-based cyber-security training course from the Pentagon is available online. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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One Year Ago — “WikiLeaks: ‘Vault 7’ dump reignites debate about deadly car crash of Michael Hastings”

“The CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

WikiLeaks — Vault 7

Journalist Michael Hastings (January 28, 1980 – June 18, 2013)

This post was published on March 13 2017. — WikiLeaks’ revelations that the CIA was attempting to remotely hack vehicles have reignited a conspiracy theory: Did the Agency assassinate journalist Michael Hastings? Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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Theresa May : Russia “Highly Likely” Behind Spy Poisoning

“Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had told the ambassador Moscow must immediately provide full and complete disclosure of the Novichok programme to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Should there be no credible response, we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom.”

Prime Minister Theresa May — March 12 2018

March 12 2018 — Prime minister Theresa may told MPs that the government had concluded it was “highly likely” that Russia was responsible for the attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on 4 March 2018. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Continue reading

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