LIBYA: What is going on?

Western countries — US, UK and France – are operating in Libya. Officially, they are  supporting the unity government with a lot of words. In reality, it appears that their  military forces are supporting the rival of that government.


General Haftar

General Haftar


According to some recently leaked information, General Khalifa Haftar is backed by French, British and US forces.

General Khalifa Haftar has old and solid links to the CIA. His Virginia house is located a few miles from the Agency Headquarters.

Earlier this year, Le Monde had revealed that French troops and spies were active in Libya but this information was denied by the French Foreign Minister.

However, after French Special Forces soldiers were killed in Libya and the French Minister of Defense now acknowledges — what choice is left? — that  French Special Forces are indeed fighting in Libya. Officers of the DGSE, France’s General Directorate for External Security, are rumored to be involved.

And in case, it is not confusing enough, Saif Al Islam is said to be free. His lawyers say so. The authorities of the city denied it but the brigade holding him does not comment.

The rumor goes that General Haftar intends to use Saif as a way to gain the support of  the tribes loyal to Gadaffi.


The  Libyan Gazette : CIA Asset? Mystery of Libyan General Khalifa Haftar Exposed by Leaked Tapes

IntelNews : French government acknowledges it has special forces, spies, in Libya

Le Monde – En Libye, confusion autour du sort judiciaire de Saïf Al-Islam Kadhafi

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