NSA & CIA Behind BlueLine Grid

“BlueLine Grid is designed to help cops, firefighters, and EMTs work together.”

Jack Weiss —  Company’s president and cofounder


In-Q-Tel was formed specifically to funnel technology from Silicon Valley to American intelligence agencies.The venture capital fund, which is public about its CIA ties, invests in companies that are able to create products specifically for the spy and government world.  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Tasked with “bridg(ing) the gap between the technology needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community and emerging commercial innovation,” they pour money into outside companies to develop specialized products for intelligence agencies.

One of their latest investments? A mobile collaboration tool for police officers, fire departments, and EMTs called BlueLine Grid

BlueLine Grid is designed as a collaborative platform for government employees in different agencies to work together. Jack Weiss, the company’s president and cofounder, describes it as a team communication tool that allows information to be shared easily. Individual agencies, such as police departments, pay a monthly subscription fee to use the platform, and users then access the platform through smartphone apps or a web-based dashboard.

One of the product’s selling points is a social graph of America’s public sector workforce developed by BlueLine. With the click of a button, the company hopes, police officers or EMTs can immediately connect with the contact they are trying to seek across jurisdictions.

Users can then identify their geographic locations on maps, collaborate with teams in real time (almost like a Slack for cops), and communicate with other agents in the geographic vicinity. Supervisors can also send push notifications and broadcasts to entire teams over the app, which is offered to police departments as a feature that saves time and money.


How NSA And CIA Connections Helped Launch This Slack-y App For Better Agency Collaboration


NSA & CIA Behind BlueLine Grid

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