Former Head of Belgian Security Service: “Terrorists Will Hit Brussels Again”

“We must accept to live with the idea that other attacks are likely, that other attacks will happen. The potential actors are already here.”

Alain Winants — Former Head of the Belgian State Security Service


Today, Alain Winants made it clear:

“Brussels is the perfect target for terrorists.”

The — Belgian — State Security Service

The State Security Service (VSSE) (known in Dutch as Veiligheid van de Staat — French: Sûreté de l’État) is a Belgian intelligence and security agency. The State Security is a civilian agency under the authority of the Ministry of Justice, while the other federal intelligence agency, the General Information and Security Service, operates under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. The current Administrator-General is Jaak Raes, after his predecessor Alain Winants occupied the position from October 2006 to March 2014. [WIKIPEDIA]

Why Belgium?

According to Winants, Belgium is a “perfect target” for the following reasons:

TARGETS: The presence of European Institutions and NATO

MEANS: The Terrorists have already many cells and sympathisers living in Belgium

CURRENT EVENTS: Belgium is fighting ISIS

HISTORY: The Belgian Governments have never taken terrorism seriously. No serious resources were ever allocated to fight this threat.


Although he did not say so, many experts expect a new wave of attacks for a simple reason. As ISIS is loosing ground, many fighters will return to Europe. Soon.


«Bruxelles, une cible idéale» pour les terroristes, selon l’ex-chef de la Sûreté belge

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