CIA’s Top 10 Stories of 2016

“Interested in taking a peek into our X-Files? Want to know more about Hamilton’s spy on the inside? Curious how to make invisible ink? Then you’re in luck. This year’s most popular stories on have a little something for everyone.”

CIA Website


“From tributes to our unsung heroes who lost their lives in service to their country, to the surprising truth behind who was the first to crack the ENIGMA cipher (hint: it wasn’t Alan Turing), our articles have covered a lot of topics.” [CIA Website]

Here are the top 10 stories that the readers of the CIA website have consulted the most according to the Agency. TWITTER: @Intel_Today

“We hope you enjoy this year’s Top 10 stories, and we can’t wait to surprise you with more untold tales, little know wonders, and heroic endeavors in 2017!”

#10. Bush as Director of Central Intelligence

#9. The Spy Catcher: Jeanne Vertefeuille

#8. Who First Cracked the ENIGMA Cipher?

#7. Remembering CIA’s Heroes: Leslianne Shedd

#6. Secret Writing

#5. The Spymaster’s Toolkit

#4. The Mystery of Jane Wallis Burrell: First CIA Officer To Die in the Agency’s Service

#3. Minutes and Years: The Bin Ladin Operation

#2. The Legend of Hercules Mulligan

#1. Take a Peek Into Our X-Files

This year, ‘Intel Today’ actually covered two of these stories:  Jane Wallis (#4) and  Leslianne Shedd (#7).

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For this new year, ‘Intel Today’ promises you some stories about an amazing woman (#9 Jeanne Vertefeuille) and ‘a bit more truth’ about how  ENIGMA (#8) was actually deciphered! And we will take a look at the KRYPTOS code!

As for story #10, I will offer you a picture right now! A picture is — indeed — worth a thousand words!


George H. W. Bush served as the DCI for 355 days, from January 30, 1976, to January 20, 1977

Last but not least, I will tell you about a true UK ‘X-file’ that should be disclosed: Lockerbie — Pan Am 103.

Warning: This is not a joke. This X-File is highly restricted and can only be read by just a few people. Not even a UK Secretary of Justice could access the document! (What is the link with the CIA anyway?)

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Stay tuned… And bring your friends! TWITTER: @Intel_Today


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3 Responses to CIA’s Top 10 Stories of 2016

  1. Craig says:

    Not sure what to write to effected families of Lockerbie Pan Am 103 at this time but my thoughts are with you.

    Police Scotland [PS] investigation – Operation Sandwood
    As an interested observer and Scottish taxpayer, what on earth is going on ? Nearing one year late to deliver a report, this is totally unacceptable.
    Enough is enough is enough.

    Police Scotland is an organisation in a state of dysfunction and this so-called investigation proves that. These matters must be removed from all Scottish agencies with immediate effect.
    Apparently, PS at taxpayer expense have retained their own counsel to counter the professional mistrust at [Scottish] Crown office.

    So Police Scotland as an organisation does not trust the staff at every level of the Crown office.
    This proves the Scottish judicial system is not fit for purpose and dysfunctional.
    When the cops are saying Crown office is unbelievable and hostile, every solicitor could say the same noting Police Scotland evidence.


  2. Craig says:

    ‘Last but not least, I will tell you about a true UK ‘X-file’ that should be disclosed: Lockerbie — Pan Am 103.’

    Put everything on the internet, the whole lot.
    Nobody can argue the truth or publicly funded information.
    Call these lying political scumbags for what they are.

    Send it to me and it will be on Scribd within minutes.


  3. Craig says:

    167 page Scottish police report regarding Lockerbie, June 1989 is online.


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