Seth Rich sent WikiLeaks more than 40,000 emails  —  Laptop bomb threat is very real — Islamist terror plot foiled by MI5 —  Sweden drops rape investigation against Assange

Seth Rich Murder Case Stirs Russia Doubts — Consortium News

A private investigator looking into last year’s murder of Seth Rich, an employee of the Democratic National Committee, has said that the victim’s computer shows he was in contact with WikiLeaks and may have leaked Democratic Party emails being blamed instead on Russia.

And an anonymous federal investigator has gone even further, reportedly telling Fox News that the slain employee sent WikiLeaks more than 40,000 emails and 17,000 attachments, which would suggest that Rich, not Russia, leaked the material to WikiLeaks.

Seth Rich was a 27-year old Voter Expansion Data Director for the Democratic Party when he was shot dead on a Washington street last July. Police said it was a robbery attempt, but Rich’s father said his wallet, money and credit cards were not taken.

Shortly after Rich’s murder, WikiLeaks posted a Tweet offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the solution of the mystery of who killed Seth Rich. WikiLeaks’ interest in the case suggested that Rich might have been involved in the DNC email leak although WikiLeaks never reveals the sources who give it confidential information about governments and companies that WikiLeaks then publishes online.

Laptop bombs a question of when, not if – UN official — BBC

The head of the UN’s counter-terrorism committee has warned it is a question of “when, not if” terrorists use laptops to smuggle bombs on to planes.

Jean-Paul Laborde spoke to reporters after officials decided not to ban laptops from aircraft cabins on flights to the US from EU countries.

Such a ban currently applies to flights from eight other countries.

Mr Laborde also said Islamic State (IS) fighters returning to Europe would be “more dangerous” than previous waves.

IS has been losing territory in Syria and Iraq, and Mr Laborde said these fighters, originally from Europe, would be hardened from years of war. He said several European countries believe the rate of fighters returning has increased by a third over the past year.

“On average, these people are much more committed, more experienced and more skilled,” he said

Four men arrested in east London over ‘UK-linked terror plot’ — Telegraph

A significant Islamist terror plot to cause a deadly attack in Britain has been broken up after four men were arrested in east London, counter terrorism officials believe.

Police raided six properties on Wednesday disrupted the alleged plot at an early stage of planning.

The unnamed men aged in their late teens and 20s are understood to have been under investigation for some time and detectives and MI5 officers moved in after finding evidence they were discussing carrying out an atrocity in Britain. (…)

Counter terrorism officers fear the threat to Britain will become more acute as the Islamic State group’s stronghold in Iraq and Syria collapses and British extremists who had rallied to the so-called caliphate head back to Europe.

As many as 350 people who pose a potential terror risk are already though to have returned from Syria and Iraq, while hundreds more particularly hard-core jihadists are thought to be remaining in the group’s shrinking territory.

Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape investigation — BBC

Sweden’s director of public prosecutions has decided to drop the rape investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Marianne Ny filed a request to the Stockholm District Court to revoke his arrest warrant, apparently ending a seven-year stand-off.

Mr Assange, 45, has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, trying to avoid extradition.

He feared being extradited to the US if sent to Sweden.

He could face trial in the US over the leaking hundreds of thousands of secret US military and diplomatic documents.

 The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London said after the news was announced that it remained obliged to arrest Mr Assange should he leave the Ecuadorian embassy on a lesser charge of failing to surrender to a court.



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