China crippled CIA by killing US sources — Michael Caputo to testify before the House intelligence committee over accusations of Russian meddling — Australia’s Cyber Security head rejects restrictions on intelligence agencies — India’s intelligence agencies helped in funding Kashmir separatists

China crippled CIA by killing US sources, says New York Times — BBC

Up to 20 CIA informants were killed or imprisoned by the Chinese government between 2010 and 2012, the New York Times reports, damaging US information-gathering in the country for years.

It is not clear whether the CIA was hacked or whether a mole helped the Chinese to identify the agents, officials told the paper.

They said one of the informants was shot in the courtyard of a government building as a warning to others.

The CIA did not comment on the report.

Four former CIA officials spoke to the paper, telling it that information from sources deep inside the Chinese government bureaucracy started to dry up in 2010. Informants began to disappear in early 2011.

The CIA and FBI teamed up to investigate the events in an operation one source said was codenamed Honey Badger.

Former Trump adviser asked to testify to House committee on Russia — Guardian

A former Trump campaign adviser has been asked to testify before the House intelligence committee over accusations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The Guardian has confirmed that Michael Caputo, a campaign aide to Trump for much of the presidential primary, has been asked to submit to a voluntary interview with the committee and provide any documents requested. The committee’s request was first reported by Maggie Haberman of the New York Times.

It comes as Trump is facing increased scrutiny over allegations about his campaign’s ties to Russia. Former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as a special counsel this week to investigate Trump’s campaign and the Washington Post has reported that a current White House official is a “person of interest” in the ongoing investigation.

Australia’s Cyber Security head rejects restrictions on intelligence agencies — ABC

Australia’s top Cyber Security Adviser says it’s fanciful to suggest governments should create conventions to control cyber warfare.

About five Australian companies have now been hit by the same malicious software attack that’s infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, and shut down government departments in Europe.

The “malware”, as it’s known, was developed from software stolen from the US National Security Agency.

But calls for governments to regulate their own computer hacking have been dismissed.

Kashmir unrest: Don’t just blame the Hurriyat; India’s intelligence agencies too helped in funding separatists — FirstPost

Amarjit Dulat, the leading figure among the spies who have handled Kashmir, wrote openly in a book he published in 2015 that money has been coming to Kashmir not just from Pakistan but also from New Delhi.

He should know. For more than two decades, he has engaged in competitive deal-making with various Hurriyat leaders, to outbid his Pakistani counterparts. Dulat is not the only one. Overall, India’s so-called intelligence set-up has been doing this for decades.

That’s not all. That is only part of what they have been up to. An even more astounding part of the shenanigans in Kashmir is that the intelligence agencies have routinely arranged jobs and promotions for close relatives of the most active anti-India leaders.



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