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City of Spies — Brussels Restaurant Owner : “No Spooks in My Place!”

“Brussels has now overtaken Vienna when it comes to the density of so-called intelligence services from outside the EU.” Peter Gridling — Head of Austria’s domestic intelligence agency (June 2018) “The EEAS does not comment on issues relating to leaked information. … Continue reading

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On This Day — USMC Col. William R. Higgins Is Abducted in Lebanon (February 17 1988)

″The impression from the video is that he might have been killed soon after he was captured.″ Dr. Michael Baden — Director of forensic sciences for the New York State Police ″It clearly looked to me like the body was … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — Alan Dershowitz Confirms “October Surprise Conspiracy Theory”

“Mr Karrubi agreed in the second Madrid meeting to cooperate with the Reagan campaign about the timing of any hostage release. In return, he was promised that the Reagan Administration, once in office, would return Iran’s frozen assets and help … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — Pulitzer-prize winner Tim Weiner : “US Intel Agencies are targeting the top of this government.”

“Mike Flynn has fallen farther faster than any powerful official in any government in the 20th Century, in America.”  Tim Weiner — Pulitzer-prize winner (February 16 2017) February 16 2017 — Journalist Tim Weiner, who won a Pulitzer Prize for … Continue reading

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Rwanda — French Investigators Drop Habyarimana Plane Shooting Probe [UPDATE]

“We have to interpret this decision by French judges as a form of resignation faced with a political context which prosecutors did not know how to fight. Rwandan authorities have never sought to help bring the truth to light.” Philippe … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Sexpionage : Markus Wolf & His Romeo Spies

“The ends did not always justify the means we chose to employ, but, as long as there is espionage, there will be Romeos seducing unsuspecting Juliets with access to secrets. After all, I was running an intelligence service, not a … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — International Law and Cyber Warfare. From the Tallinn Manual to a Digital Geneva Convention?

“Moscow’s hacking and dumping of Democratic emails to WikiLeaks is not an initiation of armed conflict. It’s not a violation of the U.N. Charter’s prohibition on the use of force. It’s not a situation that would allow the U.S. to … Continue reading

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On This Day – U.S. Air Force Carpet-Bombs Dresden (February 13-15 1945)

“We don’t carpet bomb civilians.” Former CIA Director John McLaughlin (February 9 2017) “Dresden is the largest unbombed city the enemy has got. The intention of the attack is (…) to show the Russians when they arrive what Bomber Command … Continue reading

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Belgium — Counterintelligence Chief Accused of Spying for Russia

“If Clement Vandenborre is proved to have worked for Russia, it would be the biggest spy scandal since Herman Simm, an Estonian defence ministry official, was convicted of Russian espionage in Tallinn in 2009.” Andrew Rettman — EU Observer (February 15 … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Russia and Estonia Swap Spies [Video]

“The Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation today exchanged Russian citizen Artjom Zintsenko, found guilty of espionage in Estonia, for Estonian citizen Raivo Susi, found guilty of espionage in Russia. The exchange took place today, on Feb. 10 at 10 … Continue reading

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