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Barcelona Terror Attacks — Imam was CNI Informant

“The imam did, in fact, stay in Belgium, but he was not known to the judicial authorities.” Thierry Werts — Spokesman of the Office of the Public Prosecutor Abdelbaki Es Satty — the Imam from the small Catalan town of Ripoll … Continue reading

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Former Double Agent : “Self-destruction of humankind has been put back on the agenda”

“I believe that you will serve our common cause selflessly and courageously. I believe in the final victory over the treacherous enemy. This belief has given me strength. [The men and women of the SVR] must save the world in … Continue reading

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Libyan Nuke Program Was CIA-MI6 Sting Op

“We were very happy the [Libyan nuclear] files were destroyed.” Senior intelligence official in Washington, D.C. “Washington wanted the evidence collected in raids on the Tinners’ home and offices, including computer files, hard drives, disks and documents, to be destroyed … Continue reading

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Acts of War in Cyberspace — 2017

“One of the big problems we face with cyber is that it hasn’t really been discussed internationally about what is the acceptable use of cyber-powers, where the red lines are and what happens when those red lines are crossed.” Sir … Continue reading

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Britain and US urged to release papers on Dag Hammarskjöld’s death

I also received information regarding an unauthenticated claim made by a Belgian pilot, “Beukels”, to Claude de Kemoularia in 1967 that Beukels shot down or otherwise forced SE-BDY to crash. In the course of my work, I was for the … Continue reading

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Ex-CIA Director John Brennan: “Trump criticism a badge of honor.”

“CIA Director John Brennan seems to have concluded that with his patron/president gone, he (Brennan) will be “thrown under the bus,” as smart people say – and do – in Washington.  If the Trump administration folks are as vindictive as Brennan … Continue reading

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German court rejects request to release Swiss suspected spy — [UPDATE-2]

“The scandal reaches new proportions when spies sign up informers in the finance administration, in order to spy on successful NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia ] tax investigators and play into the hands of people who make billions in profit at the … Continue reading

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Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn under FBI investigation for kidnapping plot

“Those present discussed sending Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim leader who Erdogan has accused of being behind a failed military coup to overthrow him, back to Turkey to face charges — possibly outside the legal US extradition system.” Former CIA Director … Continue reading

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US Media Brand William Binney a “Crackpot” & “Conspiracy Theorist”

“Without Bill Binney, there would be no Ed Snowden.” Edward Snowden “You may wish to ask CIA Director Mike Pompeo what he knows about this. Our own lengthy intelligence community experience suggests that it is possible that neither former CIA Director … Continue reading

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Former CIA Sabrina de Sousa to do community service for cleric kidnap

“It looks like the White House wanted to help… And then, the ‘swamp’ kicked in.” “The Italian Intelligence Oversight Committee has contacted my lawyer in Italy asking that I come testify on a CIA operation. Several members have been pushing … Continue reading

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