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KRYPTOS Week 2019 — SECTION I : A KEYED Vigenère Cipher [And why the CIA lies so much about it?]

“I have developed much too thick a skin to be surprised, let alone upset, by people telling me how that great CIA tells us the truth. If an organisation accustomed to lying tells you it is telling the truth, where … Continue reading

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Three Years Ago — Why the CIA & MI6 Love to Hate Putin

“With the majority vote for Brexit against the strong preference of Scotland and Northern Ireland for remain, we have shown ourselves quite capable of inflicting potentially fatal harm to our national stability all by ourselves. Why would we need Russia … Continue reading

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On This Day — Robert Gates Becomes 15th CIA Director (November 6 1991) [Test your “Spy Knowledge” with our 2019 CIA Directors Quiz!]

“If Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us anything in recent history, it is the unpredictability of war and that these things are easier to get into than to get out of.” Former CIA Director Robert Gates November 6 2019 — … Continue reading

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KRYPTOS Week 2019 — Introduction : Sculpture Dedication Ceremony at the CIA (November 3 1990)

“Maybe you’re mistaken–maybe this first part of the Kryptos code is really not a polyalphabetic Vigenere Tableau after all–maybe it’s a different type of code entirely. Or maybe it is a Vigenere code, but it’s been double or triple encoded–or … Continue reading

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Microwave Spying — Leon Theremin & “The Thing” [UPDATE : CIA Microwave Cavities on display at the Crypto Museum]

“Theremin did some of his best scientific work while imprisoned by one of the most repressive regimes of the 20th century. This brilliant scientist crossed path with the CIA more than once — to our detriment.” Benjamin R. Fisher — … Continue reading

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Meet CIA Papyrophile in Chief Mike Morell

“Listen. I work for the CIA. I am not a spy. I just read books! We read everything that’s published in the world. And we… we feed the plots – dirty tricks, codes – into a computer, and the computer … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — CIA Director Pompeo Delivers Opening Keynote at 2017 Conference on Ethos and Profession of Intelligence

“As a large government organization, eliminating barriers to action is a never-ending challenge for us, one that most of my predecessors faced as well. Porter Goss, who’s serving on one of our panels today, noted the problem during his tenure … Continue reading

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CIA — 71 Years of Torture, Narco Trade & Regime Change [UPDATE : Australia 1975]

“The Eagle = vigilance, a symbol of our nation. The Defense Shield = intelligence as our nation’s first line of defense. The 16-Point Compass Rose = information coming in from all points of the globe & being brought together at … Continue reading

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Remembering CIA Rachel A. Dean (April 10 1981 – September 30 2006) [2019]

“Rachel was a warm and compassionate young woman, and an officer of unbounded potential. We miss her still and will remember her always. She is our 87th star.” CIA Director General Michael V. Hayden — May 21 2007 “From the … Continue reading

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Former CIA Chief of Disguise : “No Priest, No Peace Corps & No Journalist”

“Peter Kornbluh of the invaluable National Security Archive has called Posada [Luis Posada Carriles] a CIA-created Frankenstein, and the historical record indicates that Kornbluh may be low-balling it. This is a guy who disguised himself as a priest to break … Continue reading

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