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US REPORT: Colombia’s cocaine production is ‘up’. Really?

“There are troubling early signs that cocaine availability is on the rise in the US for the first time in nearly a decade.” US State Department — February 2017 Since 2000, the US has sent Bogotá more than US $10 … Continue reading

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The Real CIA NARCOS Story Netflix Ignored

“The old conventional wisdom of this being a conspiracy theory survived even if the evidence is now incontrovertible. So even NARCOS wants to avoid the issue and pretends it did not happen.” American Journalist Robert Parry NARCOS tells a story of … Continue reading

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Juan Pablo Escobar: “My Father Worked for the CIA.”

“My father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.” Juan Pablo Escobar In a new book, Pablo Escobar’s son claims that his father worked for the CIA. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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2016 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE JUAN MANUEL SANTOS — Does anyone remember ‘Los Falsos Positivos’?

“Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel peace prize.” Thomas Andrew Lehrer — American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician. The Nobel Peace Prize 2016 The Nobel Peace Prize 2016 was awarded to Juan Manuel Santos “for … Continue reading

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