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French 2017 Presidential Election — Facebook and Google to tackle ‘fake news’ stories

“For so long, we had resisted having standards about whether something’s newsworthy because we did not consider ourselves a service that was predominantly for the distribution of news. And that was wrong! We have a responsibility here. I think we … Continue reading

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DGSI Lacks Big Data Mining Tools, Turns to PALANTIR For Help

“IN-Q-Tel operates in the shadow” Wall Street journal The DGSI [French internal intelligence service]  is completely overwhelmed by the fight against terrorism and turns to Palantir for help. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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In-Q-Tel: Like Father, Like Son

“In-Q-Tel provides only limited information about its investments, and some of its trustees have ties to funded companies” Wall Street Journal – 30 August 2016 There is no secret about the CIA — and other US Intelligence agencies — being … Continue reading

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Is the CIA behind FACEBOOK?

“For example, most people know Google Earth, but many may not realize that the original version of the software was evaluated and supported by the intelligence community well before Google.” CIA Brian Goral There is no secret about the CIA, … Continue reading

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