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Argentina: Former Army Boss Arrested on Charges of kidnapping and Torture

“These are serious offenses, categorized as crimes against humanity. The judge ordered the arrest to ensure that the defendant appears at trial.” Virginia Miguel Carmona — Chief federal prosecutor Last Friday (February 17 2017), General Cesar Milani was arrested under charges … Continue reading

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Will Trump Target Iran?

“One of the most discouraging aspects of the filling out of the Donald Trump cabinet is the array of Iran haters that seem to be lining up in the foreign policy and national security areas. Trump has been personally advocating … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past: Nixon & the CIA’s Daily Briefs

“Another item in the memo is a detailed report of a recent meeting of Indira Gandhi’s cabinet about the pros and cons of accepting a cease-fire once a government was installed in Bangladesh. The CIA provided the information based on … Continue reading

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