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Chelsea Manning thanks Obama in first interview — New clues emerge about targeted efforts by Russia to hack US elections — Why Should CIA Murderers Be Protected by Secrecy? — U.S. spy agencies probe another flank in Russian hacking

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Trump asked Comey to drop FBI investigation — Daniel M, a Swiss man arrested by the Germans on charges of spying — Chelsea Manning freed from prison — Yvonne Fletcher murder’s crucial evidence blocked by British security services

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US: Annual number of suspected criminal leaks undiminished by Obama’s policy

“There’s been major crimes committed. What I’m concerned about is no one is focusing on major leaks that have occurred here… We can’t run a government like this. A government can’t function with massive leaks at the highest level.” House … Continue reading

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Steven Spielberg to direct ‘Pentagon Papers’ film

“For an American to be patriotic is to be loyal to the principles of our Constitution, and the First Amendment. The truth is that the policies of the government is sometimes in conflict with that. In our country, patriotism should … Continue reading

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US Whistleblowers — Test your ‘Spy’ knowledge with our quiz!

How much do you know about spy agencies? Take this quiz to find out your knowledge of American whistleblowers. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today   Here are ten quotes from/or about these people. Can you identify them? [HINT: Each person … Continue reading

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No Presidential Pardon for Ex-CIA Jeffrey Sterling

“At the same time that Mr. Obama commuted the sentence of Ms. Manning, a low-ranking enlisted soldier at the time of her leaks, he also pardoned James E. Cartwright, the retired Marine general and former vice chairman of the Joint … Continue reading

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