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On This Day — French Spooks Sink the Rainbow Warrior — July 10 1985

“The truth is cruel. Agents of the French secret service sank this boat. They were acting on orders.” Prime Minister Laurent Fabius — September 22 1985 “I think all military people who serve their countries can find themselves in situations … Continue reading

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France — Chinese Moles Inside the DGSE?

“Two French agents in our service and probably one of the spouses of these agents are accused of serious acts likely to be considered acts of treason, on suspicions of delivering information to a foreign power. (…) The compromised information … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — French 2017 Presidential Election — Facebook and Google to Tackle ‘Fake News’ Stories

“For so long, we had resisted having standards about whether something’s newsworthy because we did not consider ourselves a service that was predominantly for the distribution of news. And that was wrong! We have a responsibility here. I think we … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Is Belgian ISIS Jihadist Oussama Atar the ‘Mastermind’ of the Paris and Brussels attacks?

“Abdelhamid Abaaoud [a Belgian-Moroccan killed by police five days after the November 13 atrocities] was only a go-between, not a senior figure. We know the mastermind [of the Paris Attacks] but I will remain discreet on this point.” DGSE Director … Continue reading

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BND, DGSE and MI6 Discuss Post-Brexit Co-Operation

“I am pleased that, in this way, many senior intelligence professionals take the opportunity of the MSC to discuss important security questions. Such personal meetings and intensive exchange of expertise are not only essential for diplomats, but also for intelligence … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — The “Duménil Affair” Reveals Secret DGSE War Chest

“On 12 mars 2016, at the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the DGSE has interviewed  M. Alain Duménil. The details of this meeting are classified for reasons of National Security.” DGSE HEAD Bernard Bajolet to IGPN Director Marie-France Monéger January 30 2018 — A Swiss businessman alleges that he is blackmailed … Continue reading

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Should You Trust The New York Times and Its Official Sources?

“The evidence of a possible Libyan link, first reported publicly this week by the French newsmagazine L’Express, was confirmed and detailed by American officials involved in the investigation of the Pan Am bombing.” MICHAEL WINES — The New York Times … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — French Minister of Defence Acknowleges the Death of 6 DGSE Officers

“I remember a violent discussion regarding Libya with Vladimir Putin near the end of 2011. We had obtained — thanks to Russia’s vote — that the UN would impose a no-fly zone and that we would take no further actions. Then Gaddafi was killed. … Continue reading

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Who Is Who in World Intelligence and Security Agencies : DGSE ORGANIZATION CHART [UPDATE — September 2017]

“Contrary to other western Intelligence Services, the DGSE masters all the intelligence collecting methods: human sources (HUMINT), technical sensors (SIGINT and satellite imagery), operational means and open-source processing. Intelligence collected through collaboration with other Services, national and foreign, is positively … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Who Is Who in World Intelligence and Security Agencies : DGSE – Bernard BAJOLET

“The Middle East we have known is over. We see that Syria is already divided on the ground, that the regime is controlling only a small part of the county, only one-third of the country which was established after WWII. … Continue reading

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