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On This Day — West German Spy Chief Defects to East (August 23 1985) [2019]

“Naturally I am a traitor, I cannot deny that.” Hans Joachim Tiedge August 23 2019 — The West German spy chief’s defection was made public by the East German authorities on August 23 1985. Follow us on Twitter; @INTEL_TODAY

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One Year Ago — Germany Spy Chief : “Chinese Investments Are Legal Espionage”

“Industrial espionage is no longer necessary if one can simply take advantage of liberal economic regulations to buy companies and then disembowel them or cannibalize them to gain access to their know-how.” Hans-Georg Maassen — Director of BfV April 13 … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — Germany : BND Spying On Journalists

“We are disappointed to hear these claims. The BBC’s mission is to bring accurate news and information to people around the world, and our journalists should be able to operate freely and safely, with full protection for their sources. We … Continue reading

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TODAY — Chancellor Angela Merkel Inaugurates New BND Headquarters (February 8 2019)

“A healthy distrust is helpful, but being overly suspicious is a hindrance.” Chancellor Angela Merkel (February 8 2019) “The Bundesnachrichtendienst is the sole foreign intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany. As such it reports directly to the Federal … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Germany : Constitutional Complaint Lodged Against BND Law

“The law allows the foreign intelligence agency to spy on journalists abroad almost without restrictions and to share the information with other secret services. This is an unacceptable restriction of press freedom, which is why we are supporting the affected … Continue reading

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Germany — BfV to enlarge “Department Two” by 50 percent in 2019

“On numbers, I won’t comment. They are secret. But my goal for the department on right-wing extremism is that it approach the size of our largest department that works on Islamist terrorism.” Thomas Haldenwang — President of the Federal Office … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago — Germany Constitutional Court Rejects Disclosure of NSA Spy Targets

“The Constitutional Court’s ruling is a blow for any clarification on the activities of the BND and the NSA and for the entire parliamentary monitoring of secret services.” Anna Biselli — Digital research organization Netzpolitik November 24 2016 — Last … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — What hides behind German BND Boss public Statements about Russia?

“The fact that representatives of the special services and the military openly intervene in the coalition negotiations that have not yet ended is a wake-up call. Because, given the role of the Reichswehr and the special services in the end … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Germany Intelligence officials reject the idea of creating a European Intelligence Agency

“We don’t need a European intelligence agency or any other additional European intelligence institution.” Bruno Kahl — President of the BND [Germany’s foreign intelligence agency] October 9 2017 — In recent years, many European leaders have floated the idea of … Continue reading

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German Court Rejects Request to Release Swiss Suspected Spy — [UPDATE-3]

“When someone in Switzerland uses illegal methods in Switzerland to steal state or business secrets, that is espionage, and we have the task to fight that.” Swiss Federal Intelligence Service Director Markus Seiler “The scandal reaches new proportions when spies … Continue reading

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