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Colombia — Police Boss Arrested on 6 Charges Including Criminal Conspiracy

“A cada cerdo le llega su San Martín.” (Every pig will get his St. Martin) BOGOTA, Colombia (September 12 2018) — One of Colombia’s most-decorated police officers has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a criminal ring that illegally … Continue reading

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On This Day — Frederick Forsyth : “I worked for MI6 for More Than 20 Years.” [August 30 2015]

It is 55, 60 years later. There have been memoirs written, highly secret minutes have been published. There’s no East Germany, no Stasi, no KGB, no Soviet Union, so where’s the harm?” Frederick Forsyth — August 2015 “A journalist should … Continue reading

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BND, DGSE and MI6 Discuss Post-Brexit Co-Operation

“I am pleased that, in this way, many senior intelligence professionals take the opportunity of the MSC to discuss important security questions. Such personal meetings and intensive exchange of expertise are not only essential for diplomats, but also for intelligence … Continue reading

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Former MI6 Chief: “Brexit Will Cause Loss of Influence”

“We have to acknowledge that Brexit is damaging our economy at the moment. (…) The EU solidarity issue is now in play and I am afraid we will lose it.” Sir John Sawers — Former Head of MI6 Sir John … Continue reading

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Libyan Nuke Program Was CIA-MI6 Sting Op

“We were very happy the [Libyan nuclear] files were destroyed.” Senior intelligence official in Washington, D.C. “Washington wanted the evidence collected in raids on the Tinners’ home and offices, including computer files, hard drives, disks and documents, to be destroyed … Continue reading

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Who Is Who in World Intelligence and Security Agencies : MI6 Alex Younger [2017]

“Alex Younger has played a vital part alongside me in modernising SIS and ensuring that the Service is in the best possible shape to play our part in defending the country’s security and our values.” Sir John Sawers   Alexander … Continue reading

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British Intelligence Agencies

“Secret intelligence gives the Government a vital edge in tackling some of the most difficult problems we face… intelligence forewarns us of threats to our national security; helps the Government promote international stability; provides support and protection to our forces; … Continue reading

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Terrorists’ moral judgment probed in psychology test — Manuel Noriega, Panama ex-strongman, dies at 83 — Why MI6 must share the blame for the jihadis in our midst — Russia inquiry expands to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

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Former MI6 Chief: ‘ Electronic voting presents serious hacking risk.’

“Bizarrely the stubby pencil and piece of paper that you put your cross on in the ballot box is actually much more secure than anything which is electronic.” Former MI6 Chief Sir John Sawers Sir John Sawers, former chief of … Continue reading

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‘Serious Issues’ between British and German Intelligence Services

“The lack of cooperation has now reached the point where there is virtual radio silence.” Anonymous source A reported discord between British and German intelligence services, which began in 2014, allegedly persists and now constitutes the biggest rift between the … Continue reading

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