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One Year Ago — ISIS, Israel, and Spymasters: A Reality Check

“If our presidents would have just gone to the beach and enjoyed the ocean and the sun, we would’ve been much better off in the Middle East, than all of this tremendous death, destruction, and you know, monetary loss.” Presidential … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Ex MOSSAD Boss: Cyber-attacks far more efficient than bombs

“President Obama’s approach has bought Israeli more time than any military strike [on Iranian nuclear facilities] ever could.” Meir Dagan — Former Director of the Mossad Meir Dagan (30 January 1945 – 17 March 2016)  initially served as a National Security … Continue reading

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What Sessions did (and didn’t) tell us — Spy chief, a frequent guest at the White House, is MIA at headquarters — Saif al-Islam Gaddafi case: ICC calls for arrest of ex-Libya leader’s son — Israeli Mossad Forms Startup Investment Fund … Continue reading

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Israel’s Mer Group to represent Kabila’s interests in Washington

“The U.N. peacekeeping mission is mandated to partner with the government. In other words, the U.N. is aiding a government that is inflicting predatory behavior against its own people. We should have the decency and common sense to end this.” … Continue reading

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Former Mossad chiefs: “Israel will think twice before sharing sensitive info with US”

“We need to punish the Americans, it’s possible, so that we don’t put Trump in a position where he is again tempted, we need to abstain from transferring information to him, or to only give him partial information so that … Continue reading

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Carter Page consulted with the FBI and the CIA — NSA EternalBlue used as WannaCry ransomware — Deputy FBI Director Andrew G. McCabe will report any foul play — 2018 budget for the Shin Bet and the Mossad

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MOSSAD turned French spies into double agents

“Recruiting allies as spies would cross a red line. There is a clear line between electronic spying and trying to co-opt allied intelligence agents. This was never done during my era as it was known as something that was completely off-limits.” Top … Continue reading

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MOSSAD — Test your ‘SPY’ knowledge with our quiz!

How much do you know about spy agencies? Take this quiz to find out your knowledge of the MOSSAD. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today Here are ten questions about the national intelligence agency of Israel. Click on the right answer … Continue reading

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Former Mossad chief: “Mike Flynn was very experienced. Maybe, he has been thrown under the bus.”

“Maybe Flynn made a mistake even with no intention, but that can happen to anyone. I don’t think we need to worry that our intelligence will go to Russia.” Former MOSSAD Boss Danny Yatom   Since the election of Mr Trump, … Continue reading

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MOSSAD Chief’s Secret Visit to Washington

“As the president has expressed many times, he hopes to achieve peace throughout the Middle East region. The Trump administration has not taken an official position on settlement activity and looks forward to continuing discussions, including with Prime Minister Netanyahu … Continue reading

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