What they say about us

“For centuries, writers have experimented with forms that evoke the imperfection of thought, the inconstancy of human affairs, and the chastening passage of time. But as blogging evolves as a literary form, it is generating a new and quintessentially postmodern idiom that’s enabling writers to express themselves in ways that have never been seen or understood before. Its truths are provisional, and its ethos collective and messy. Yet the interaction it enables between writer and reader is unprecedented, visceral, and sometimes brutal. And make no mistake: it heralds a golden era for journalism.”

Andrew Sullivan (November 2008)

Blog — Conflation of two words: Web and log. It contains in its four letters a concise and accurate self-description: it is a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly on the Worldwide Web.

On this blog, the readers and I investigate the stories together. The readers are my friends, my sources, my experts, my fact-checkers and my editors.

Who are they?

Well, they — 60% males / 40 % females — are from all over the world. As a result, they bring different cultures, education and background; and thus bring unique point of views.

But, for all their differences, they share one common belief:


On this page, I will introduce some of our followers and post some of their thoughts about OUR blog. Thank you all!

Regards, Dr Ludwig De Braeckeleer

Robert Black QC FRSE

Robert Black is now Professor Emeritus of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh. He has been a member of the Scottish Bar since 1972 and a QC since 1987. He has taken a close interest in the Lockerbie affair since 1993, not least because he was born and brought up in the town, and has published a substantial number of articles on the topic in the United Kingdom and overseas. He is often referred to as the architect of the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. [Lockerbie Case]

“Since the time of his magisterial series of 174 articles on Lockerbie published in 2008 in Ohmy News International, Dr Ludwig De Braeckeleer has been widely and correctly recognised as one of the world’s leading, and most reliable, experts on the Pan Am 103 disaster.

No-one can legitimately claim a serious interest in the case without acknowledging his ground-breaking research, which has continued over the years since 2008, with its fruits appearing in various media and currently on his Intel Today website, an indispensable resource on the Lockerbie case (and on events in the world of intelligence more generally).”

Shehanne Moore — Author

Shehanne Moore lives in Scotland, with her husband Mr Shey. She has two daughters.  When not writing dark and smexy intriguing historical romance, where goals and desires of sassy, unconventional heroines and ruthless men, mean worlds collide, she plays the odd musical instrument and loves what in any other country, would not be defined, as hill-walking. [Shehanne Moore]

“This blog can indeed be summed up in two words. ‘Truth matters.’ It matters more than ever in a world of fake news, half truths and lies. Intel Today is a chaser of the truth, tirelessly remembering people worldwide, questioning past events, shedding light on forgotten events, and as if that wasn’t enough, extending the hand of friendship to all. Easy to read and very accessible, truth isn’t the only thing that matters. Intel matters.”

Sixten Svensson — Former Swedish Journalist

During his professional life, Sixten Svensson has worked for Swedish newspapers, magazines and TV.  In 1978, he became news editor for SVT, and later editor of Allers. His production company has created many popular programs. Svensson is the brother-in-law of Boris Hagelin, the founder of CRYPTO-AG. He wrote a wonderful book [in Swedish] titled: “The Boris Project”.

Swedish journalist Sixten Svensson

“Ludwig var den som hittade kopplingen mellan Crypto AG och NSA. Jag har under alla år av forskning kring detta läst gosint och varit i kontakt med honom. En värdefull källa!”

“Ludwig is the person who discovered the connection between Crypto AG and the NSA. During all my years of research on this affair, I have followed his investigation and I have stayed in contact with him. A valuable source!”


What they say about us