“It will be Necessary to find some way of pulling Hammarskjold up short.”

Harold Macmillan — UK Prime Minister

September 13  1961


Swedish journalist Sixten Svensson

Sixten Svensson is a Swedish journalist. During his professional life he has worked for media of all kinds, evening newspapers, magazines and TV.

In 1978, he became news editor for SVT but left it for a short period as editor of Allers. He returned to the television medium as a freelancer and through his own production company created many popular programs.

Svensson has written a book that revealed one of the greatest geopolitical stories of our time.

Svensson has spent a decade researching the relationship between the NSA and Crypto AG founder Boris Hagelin. The result is a great book titled: “The Boris Project”.

Svensson is the brother-in-law of Boris Hagelin. Following the publication of a recent post, Svensson has sent me very interesting documents.

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Boris and Elsa Hagelin before the Nobel Festivity 1980. Elsa was Svensson’s sister.

The BORIS PROJECT: Book Summary 



Sixten Svensson has provided me with the following summary of his book.

Boris Hagelin invented an encryption machine that was tested by the Signal Corps in Washington after the Wehrmacht in Berlin declined in 1935.

It was built in the United States under the name M-209 and was manufactured in 140 000 copies. It contributed to the victory over Hitler’s Germany and Boris became immensely rich.



NSA Friedman’s report after the visit in Zug. Hagelin accepted the deal right away!


After a few years he was offered to cooperate with the newly formed NSA and Boris built a factory in Switzerland, Crypto AG.



Lieutenant General Ralp Canine, the first Director for NSA, wrote a report before Friedman leaved for Switzerland. “Hagelin could not be bought with money alone”.


The NSA gained more and more influence over Boris and he accepted an agreement allowing the NSA  access to all the information exchanged within NATO.

Boris hagelin sold their classified secrets for 700,000 dollars to NSA and then they got access to all the knowledge of the CX-52, the company’s best-selling encryption machine.



Dag Hammarskjold’s Crypto device — CX-52 from Crypto AG — found by the wreckage in Ndola. Now in the museum of Crypto AG in Zug.


Then, the NSA built computers that simulated all the company’s models and the NSA built a huge complex in Fort Meade to handle the huge amount of information pouring in.

NSA demanded that all countries would buy this machines and 140 countries became customers of Crypto AG.

More than 60,000 encryption machines spread across the world and the NSA had access to all the material and could read it in the original language.

Thousands of interpreters were hired in to Fort Meade.



Evidence of NSA-Crypto AG cooperation in 1951


In 1986, the NSA intercepted a telegram congratulating the Libyan Embassy for a job well done in Berlin (the bombing of a disco, La Belle).

President Reagan sent planes to Tripoli and bombed Gaddafi’s palace after reading the telegram. [GOSINT: The story of this cable is highly controversial.]

UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold traveled to Congo to mediate.

In the trunk was a CX-52 from Crypto AG and all his telegrams were read not only by the UN but also the USA, England and Belgium who all had major interests in Congo.

On September 13  1961 the Prime Minister of England wrote in a telegram that:

“It will be Necessary to find some way of pulling Hammarskjold up short.”



“It will be Necessary to find some way of pulling Hammarskjold up short.”


Hammarskjold’s plane was shot down September 17 in Ndola and among the wreckage remains was a badly burned CX-52, proof that the Western powers constantly bugged UN Secretary General.

Crypto AG has always denied any cooperation with the NSA.

However,  in the summer 2015, the NSA released 52,000 documents from the Cold War era.

And some of these documents prove — beyond any doubts —  that Boris Hagelin is guilty of a ‘global espionage’.

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A Suspicious Telegram


The “UK mission” in New York is the UK’s UN liaison office, the copy to Washington is so that the US government (State Department, CIA) can be informed.

The copies to Brussels and Paris — I suppose — are to keep the other European powers informed, but the copy to New Delhi is strange.

The British High Commissioner to India at that time was Paul Gore-Booth, from a minor aristocratic family, he had served in Washington, Tokyo, Burma and the Middle east – all around the time of WW-II; so it is likely that he was very much involved in UN, NATO and possible MI6 activities.

Paul Gore-Booth was the ‘adoptive father’ of Aung San Suu Kyi during her years at Oxford.


Välkommen till hemsidan för Borisprojektet

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